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About the Sampsons...

Steve is a gifted writer and effective minister who provides the Body of Christ with thought-provoking insights about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. His unique wit, combined with candor and transparency, refreshes the soul of the hearer.

Through the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit, Steve has ministered in many countries  for decades by speaking personal vision, hope and expectation into the lives of thousands. Demonstrating how the Holy Spirit speaks to people, he has been a source of encouragement for others who seek to experience the power and fullness of life in the Spirit.

Melodie is dedicated to helping wounded, hurting people find freedom and wholeness through healing and restoration of applying the Lord’s truth. Her story began in trauma and brokenness. She knew the Lord promised freedom and abundant life. Healing ministry was birthed out of her own story of pain and determination that evolved into victory.  

Melodie’s heart is to help others create a life that is authentic, full and always moving forward. She uses personal experience and wisdom of the Lord to help people break through barriers to embrace the finished work of Jesus.

They share a willingness and commitment to encourage and strengthen the Body of Christ.

Between Steve’s revelation of the Word and Melodie’s practical application of truth, they contain a power-packed influence.