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Steve Sampson Ministries

Teaching practical ways to use God's truth in your life. 


Join the Members Circle for online teaching, mentorship and accountability.



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We hope you'll join us at a meeting near you. If you'd like to invite Steve to speak at your church or conference, visit the Invite to Speak tab at the bottom of this page.



Ready for Renewal?

Are you feeling stuck in your spiritual walk? Or maybe you just desire to grow closer to God. If you're needing a more intimate relationship with the Lord, we're here to help.

Let our trusted and proven ministry guide you through your struggles in hearing God, understanding conflicts, Jezebel issues and much more...


Membership Action Steps


Get involved with the many benefits your membership offers. Start the courses and mini-courses, use the bonus resources to help you dig deep into your study, join the members-only Facebook group, tune into weekly Q&As for insight and encouragement, schedule a time for private prayer.



Take the knowledge and revelation you've uncovered and use it in your life. As you continue to learn, focus on looking inward. Discover how our practical instruction can improve your daily life and relationships. Start growing a more intimate relationship with God and with others.



Commit to enlarging your territory. The key to impacting the Kingdom of God is outreach. Use your own journey to empower and serve others. Offer support, guidance and accountability to those around you. Use your own story to illustrate God's love and faithfulness.


Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • Exclusive access to practical, non-hype teaching 
  • Current updates on what the Holy Spirit is speaking
  • Firsthand connectedness and personal prayer with Steve Sampson
  • Support, connection and accountability with other group members.


We Can Help You Grow

Steve Sampson Ministries seeks God for relevant truths. The focus is on not just what God has said, but what He is saying currently. Steve seeks God for the prophetic flow to bring encouragement and help people to identify areas needed for spiritual growth. He teaches and preaches the gospel using wisdom and humor. Steve simplifies the complicated issues creating practical ways to use God's truth in your life. No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, Steve Sampson Ministries is here to help. By becoming a member you'll be provided with wisdom, teachings and resources to help you renew and grow in your relationship with the Lord. Don't let life circumstances keep you from seeking the intimate relationship you desire.

God wants to be good to you! He is merciful and gracious. He is forgiving. Yes, perhaps you have made some mistakes, but He is greater!



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